wk3 assignment

Photoessay on “beauty” in east-central Indiana

“crossroads of America junk yard”, south side of Muncie

photo credit: Mike Milosh

2 Responses to “wk3 assignment”

  1. lalynch Says:

    LOVE the junk yard. I am definately gonna have to get the address to this place. And I love the idea of the “crossroads” of indiana becoming an “end of the road” type flip on the phrase.

  2. pwsteffen Says:

    I think what is so interesting to me about these photos is the opposition of the ephemeral nature of mankind and its creations and the permanence of nature. Despite the immediate effects we have on the planet, it will return to equilibrium. I think its great how evident this is in the junkyard and that the nature seems to be reclaiming the human world.

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