wk5 assignment

Reconnecting Democracy

This is an analysis of 4th Street in Louisville, Kentucky.  An interesting divide occurs at Broadway, where to the north, there is a surplus of up-scale commercial development; to the south, development lacks pace and low property prices attract only a certain segment of population.  What’s more is that further south, you find a residential district (“Old Louisville”) which houses both upper-class as well as lower-class families.  Discovering solutions to reconnect these disparate districts is the direction of my thesis.

2 Responses to “wk5 assignment”

  1. ecboone Says:

    Chris, could fourth street simply be missing the free public amenities that old Louisville has? Fourth Street seems to have a less inviting commercial feel. Fourth Street seems like a fabricated environment compared to historical old Louisville.

  2. lalynch Says:

    I like your diagram here. I almost want something exciting to happen where the two circles intersect. It seems like this is where your intervention could come into play.

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