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wk16 notes

May 5, 2010


wk15 notes

April 21, 2010

wk15-Mccullough-abstracting craft

wk14 notes

April 20, 2010

wk14-Lynn et al-Folding in architecture

wk13 notes

April 19, 2010

wk13-Bucky-architect as world planner

wk13-Bucky-universal architecture

wk12 notes

March 31, 2010

wk12-Frampton-On Scarpa-Adoration of joint

wk11 notes

March 29, 2010

3.17.2010 class notes

wk11-FLW-art and craft of machine

wk11-Siry-On FLW art and craft of machine

wk11-Mies_-Industrialized buildings

wk11-Mies-On form

wk11-Mies-Technology and architecture

wk10 notes

March 17, 2010

wk10- Walter Gropius- Scope of Total Architecture

wk8 notes

March 3, 2010

wk8-Towards an Architecture notes

wk7 notes

February 24, 2010



wk6 notes

February 17, 2010

wk6- enduring innocence_ keller easterling

class notes 2.10.2010