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wk12 assignment

March 31, 2010


wk10 assignment

March 17, 2010

wk8 assignment

March 3, 2010

Indiana has its roots in a very technologically-oriented history, being a big player in the early history of automobile production.  Additionally, the midwest has been a prime agriculture base for the US and the world.  Factories have since closed, and Ball Jars Corporation has fled Easter-Central Indiana.  Looking forward (as Le Corbusier would insist) towards modernity and a better future, this montage explores what EC Indiana could become, given its cultural roots and existing urban fabric of old factories and train tracks.

Modernity in our contemporary world is less about the technological artifact and more about the transfer of information and technology.  Hence, there is a strong potential for becoming a testbed to explore technologies and methods associated with urban farming…

wk7 assignment

February 24, 2010

Places of thought.

wk6 assignment

February 17, 2010

local-global connection (east-central Indiana)

wk5 assignment

February 9, 2010

Reconnecting Democracy

This is an analysis of 4th Street in Louisville, Kentucky.  An interesting divide occurs at Broadway, where to the north, there is a surplus of up-scale commercial development; to the south, development lacks pace and low property prices attract only a certain segment of population.  What’s more is that further south, you find a residential district (“Old Louisville”) which houses both upper-class as well as lower-class families.  Discovering solutions to reconnect these disparate districts is the direction of my thesis.

wk4 assignment

February 3, 2010

mapping relationships, diagramming interdependencies

wk3 assignment

January 26, 2010

Photoessay on “beauty” in east-central Indiana

“crossroads of America junk yard”, south side of Muncie

photo credit: Mike Milosh

wk2 assignment

January 20, 2010