wk7 assignment

Places of thought.

2 Responses to “wk7 assignment”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    (Are you pointing to the 4th floor men’s bathroom?) What about walking / driving to and from these different place? Thought just doesn’t stop because you leave a place. There seems to be a more informal involuntary sort of thought that trails off as time passes.

  2. krklinger Says:

    I agree with elizabeth. Perhaps so kind of differentiation with red vs. black could be a useful notational strategy. There is a great 2 page writing by John Hedjuk in his book the Mask of Medusa, (i can’t remember the title, but it is on representation) which claims that when you are in motion you perceive differently than when you are at rest…

    NA737.H36 A4 1985
    Mask of Medusa : works, 1947-1983
    Hejduk, John, 1929-2000.

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